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July 8, 2017


Clark and I just spent a few days in Whistler, British Columbia celebrating our 10th Wedding Anniversary and it was amazing! Amazing weather, great food, and we went ziplining together between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains! So fun! As a plant-based eater, one of the things that makes travelling most enjoyable is when I don’t have to stress about where to find good, nutritious food, and this one of the many reason we love travelling to Whistler! I thought, why not put together a Whistler plant based food guide!

A Plant-Based Food Guide to eating out in Whistler, BC Canada

This is the first time I’ve done a food guide like this here (let me know over on Instagram what you think and maybe I’ll start keeping a diary of all the places I find while I’m travelling and this can become a regular thing! Instagram: @kimberleemoran), but I figured there have to be people like me who would love a stress-free vacation with lots of plant-based food choices!

Splitz Grill

We arrived late afternoon, so after checking into our hotel and a walk through the village we stopped for dinner at Splitz Grill, a little burger place located at the North End of the Whistler stroll, right around the corner from the Olympic Plaza. The menu at Splitz is mostly meat, so if you’re travelling with non-plant-based eaters, they’ll be happy with this choice! 

Spicy Lentil Burgers from Splitz Grill in Whistler

Spicy Lentil Burgers from Splitz Grill in Whistler

 Both Clark and I ordered the Spicy Lentil Burger, which the menu labels as vegetarian, but it’s actually vegan! We both added avocado to ours and then loaded it with salsa, pickles and lettuce! There is a choice of white, whole wheat or gluten free buns, and you can also add things like sauteed onions or mushrooms if you’d like! Clark ordered his with fries (which I may have stole a few of!) and we were both stuffed by the end. We both thought the burger was great and I love that the lentils made it high in protein! 

The Spicy Lentil Burger was huge and packed with protein!

The Spicy Lentil Burger was huge and packed with protein!

Green Moustache

The next morning we were booked to go ziplining at 9am, so I grabbed a smoothie on the way. Hands-down, one of my favourite places in the village is the Green Moustache. They have tons of amazing healthy options including fresh juices, smoothies, soups and bowls. You can’t go wrong with anything from this place. We didn’t try it, but we also saw they have vegan cheesecake! I had the Magnum smoothie for breakfast, which has kale, romaine, banana, orange, spirulina and maca. It was a tad sweet for my taste, but overall a great green smoothie that anyone could enjoy!

La Cantina

Clark is a huge fan of Mexican food, so when I mentioned to him that I had heard there was a taco place called La Cantina that served plant-based dishes, he wouldn’t let me forget about it. They had a few vegetarian dishes, but I don’t eat dairy or soy, so that left me with one option, the Cubano, which was mixed Mexican rice with carrots and corn, topped with cucumber pico de gallo. I ordered 2 and I probably could have eaten 3 because they are quite small. 

Tacos from La Cantina in Whistler Village

Tacos from La Cantina in Whistler Village


We wanted to have a nice dinner to celebrate our anniversary, so we settled on Basalt, a great little restaurant with a patio right on the Whistler Stroll. As soon as I saw the menu I knew exactly what I wanted to try! I ordered the Pemberton Farm Plate and it did not disappoint! It was loaded with veggies! Braised hakurei turnips, sauteed swiss chard, roasted beets with toasted farro, grilled corn and olive oil roasted sun chockes, all served over a delicious hummus. I absolutely loved this dish! Actually, the reason only half the plate is in the picture is because I was so excited about this dish, I dug in before taking a picture and half my plate was already eaten! Opps!

The Pemberton Farm Plate from Basalt in Whistler Village

The Pemberton Farm Plate from Basalt in Whistler Village

Moguls Coffee

Our final day in Whistler had a bit of late start so we grabbed a late breakfast at Moguls coffee. They had quite a few vegan options, including 3 different flavours of vegan muffins. I had an almond milk matcha latte and Clark had a vanilla almond milk latte.

An Almond Milk Matcha Latte and Vegan Muffin from Moguls Cofee

An Almond Milk Matcha Latte and Vegan Muffin from Moguls Cofee

We shared a vegan/gluten-free berry muffin, which didn’t taste vegan or gluten-free at all,  and each had a super veggie roll which was stuffed with hummus, quinoa, kale, carrots, and tomato. It was great and the perfect start to a late morning!

A Vegan Berry Muffin and Super Veggie Roll from Moguls Coffee

A Vegan Berry Muffin and Super Veggie Roll from Moguls Coffee

We also visited Mount Currie Coffee Co. for a vegan cookie. They had a few vegan and gluten-free options, like banana bread and little dessert squares. Clark had the peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and gave it a thumbs up. 

Finally, we also stopped at the Naked Sprout Juice Bar for cold drinks while we strolled through the village. I had a watermelon mint juice and Clark had the vanilla smoothie. Both were great, but I was a little disappointment that my juice was watered down!

Now, hopefully if you’re visiting Whistler you’ll have a few ideas of places to try! I’d love to hear if you’ve tried any of these places! 

Gifts for the Savvy Traveller – Gift Guide – Featuring Wilhelm & Friends + GIVEAWAY

November 16, 2015


It’s 39 days until Christmas! Yesterday we kicked off our 40 days until Christmas countdown with a “Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys” (you can find it here) and today we’re got another Gift Guide! We’re featuring local Vancouver business, Wilhelm & Friends (you might recognize them from yesterday’s post – they’re stuff is so great, we just had to mention them again!) and offering an awesome giveaway featuring their gorgeous leather journal cover! (Retail value: $65) Giveaway instructions are at the bottom of the post! Good luck!

This gift guide comes to you with help from Clark. Clark travels pretty regularly, so he’s bringing his expertise to the table! If you’re looking for a gift for the savvy traveller in your life, he’s got you covered! This guide has a little bit of a masculine flair to it, but most of the items are unisex. Here’s Clark (isn’t he dreamy?):

Gifts for the Savvy Traveller |

Hi. Clark here. Travelling is something that Kim and I both enjoy. It’s part of what we do for work as well as to relax and spend time together. Whether it’s road trip through The Rockies, a day trip to Whistler or a flight to the East Coast, we’re often on the go. 

This gift guide features some of my favourite travel related items, all great gifts for the jet-setter in your life.  

Gifts for the Savvy Traveller |

  1. Wilhelm & Friends Hybrid Duffel {British Columbia}

I have to admit, I really enjoy a nice bag. The most important item for travel for me is a great carry-on bag. This hybrid duffel from Wilhelm & Friends is perfect and it surprisingly fits a lot of stuff. It was featured yesterday in the Gifts For Cooler-Than-Average Guys post, and I second everything Kim said about it’s quality. The materials used are high quality and it’s put together so well.  


The bag can be transformed for larger loads, by releasing the side hooks to expand and provide more storage. It includes a shoulder strap and features a spacious lined main compartment, with a really handy removable zipper pouch. A snap on key holder strap is attached to the side of the bag. The zippers feature leather pulls and the bottom includes five bag feet. All seams of the bag are reinforced and double sewn with bonded Nylon. This duffel bag is amazing and will last you for years! You can buy it here (it may say “out of stock” but if you’re looking to purchase this bag, message the shop owners and they’ll hand make a bag just for you!) Also, if you like them Wilhelm & Friends on one of their social media platforms and send them a message letting them know you did, they’ll send you 15% off your order!!!


2. Zenok Leather Luggage Tag {British Columbia}

Anyone who travels regularly can’t be bothered to fill out those disposable paper luggage tags every time they fly. A good luggage tag that won’t rip off is essential and this leather tag is stylish and durable. You can’t go wrong with this one. Buy it here

Zenok Leather Luggage Tag | Gifts for the Savvy Traveller

3. Province of Canada Sweater {Ontario}

A great sweater is not just about making sure you can keep warm if you get cold, it’s also not a bad idea to let people know you’re Canadian when you’re travelling. Everyone loves us, right?Plus, you can confuse foreigners who may actually believe that Canada is a province. You can find it here

Province of Canada Crew Neck Sweater

4. Herschel Suitcase {British Columbia}

Did you know Herschel was a Canadian company? Me either! The company was founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack and Herschel Supply Co. adopted the name of the town (Herschel, Saskatchewan) where three generations of their family grew up after coming to Canada. 

Sometimes I’m on the road for a week or more, plus I’m known for overpacking, so I often need to check baggage. A good quality, stylish suitcase that will last, but you won’t be devastated if it get a little wrecked, is important. You can find this Herschel suitcase here

Grey Herschel Suitcase |

5. Sakao Co Leather Cord Organizer {Quebec}

When you’re travelling with chargers and earphones it helps to keep them organized. There’s nothing worse than being hunched over under your tray table trying to root through your bag to find your tangled cords. Buy them here.  

Sakao Co Leather Cord Organizer

6. Wilhelm & Friends Leather Journal Cover {British Columbia}

Lastly, it’s the giveaway item! It’s always nice to have a small journal when I’m travelling to write down thoughts and ideas. You can purchase this journal cover here. I’ll pass things back to Kim now to explain the giveaway details! 

Wilhelm and Friends Journal Cover |

Thanks Clark! 🙂 As he mentioned, you can purchase this journal cover here or you could win this gift for someone who you think should have it by doing the following:

  1. Follow @wilhelm_and_friends on Instagram
  2. Tag the person who you think should win this item in the Wilhelm & Friends Journal photo on @kimberleemoran‘s Instagram (posted November 16th 2015) – You may only tag one person per comment, but you can comment as many times as you want!

We believe it’s better to give than to receive, so, as always with our contents, you’re not winning this item for yourself. The person you tag will win the item from YOU! Good luck!

Giveaway contest closes Thursday, November 19th at midnight PST. 



13 Carry On Essentials To keep you fresh, comfortable and stress-free

October 16, 2015


To keep you fresh, comfortable and stress-free

I’m on the road again! My bags are packed and I’m headed to Winnipeg, Manitoba for the weekend. I love that what I do gives me the opportunity to travel, but there are definitely seasons I feel like I’m living out of a suitcase! As I’ve travelled domestically and internationally over the years, I’ve learned the things I need and don’t need when I’m in the air. After years of trial and error, I’ve complied a list of 13 carry on essentials that keep me feeling fresh, comfortable and stress-free when I’m travelling. 

13 Carry On Essentials to Keep You Comfortable, Fresh, and Stress-Free! |

1. Healthy Snacks

While airports and airlines are getting better at offering healthy snack options, there are still very few selections for people with special dietary needs. I highly recommend Lara Bars, as they have so many great tasting gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free options. I also usually travel with a bag of nuts to munch on, and when I’m flying domestic ,I always bring a fruit that travels well, like an apple.

2. Pen

Especially when you’re traveling internationally, a pen is a must in your carry on bag! There’s nothing worse than being caught without a writing utensil when you need to fill out a customs form! 

3. Refillable Water Bottle

Many people this that because you can’t bring a full water bottle through security, you can’t travel with a water bottle at all, but that’s not the case! I always travel with an empty water bottle and as soon as I get through security I stop at a water fountain to fill it up. When you’re on a long international flight, the attendants will almost always fill your bottle for you so you can stay well hydrated. I drink a lot of water, so this is must for me when I’m travelling! I’m a huge fan of s’well water bottles like this one. They keep your water cold for hours!

4. Blanket Scarf

I often get chilly on airplanes, so I always travel with a blanket scarf that I can drape over me to keep warm. On longer flights, when you’re trying to catch some sleep, it can also serve as a pillow if you roll it up. This is a versatile, must-have item for me when I’m travelling! You can find this simple white and black plaid scarf here

5. Socks

Especially in the warmer weather when I’m travelling in sandals, I always pack a pair of socks in my carry on. There’s nothing worse than wanting to remove your shoes and not having socks to put on. Airplane etiquette and hygiene says that you should never have bare feet on an airplane, and you should never, ever, ever go the bathroom on an airplane in your sock feet. I don’t where it says that, but if it doesn’t, it should. Trust me. You can find these cute Stance Socks here. 

6. Ipad

I use my iPad for everything. I use it to go online in airports. I use it for work and writing. I listen to music on it. You can load books or movies onto it. I rarely travel with my laptop anymore; I use my iPad for just about everything. Put it in a great handmade leather case like this one from Vancouver company Wilhelm and Friends, and you’re good to go!  

7. Hand Sanitizer

There’s something about being in such a confined space with so many other people that makes me far more aware of germs. I never travel without hand sanitizer! This all natural one from Eminence is amazing and it smells so clean and fresh! 

8. Hand Cream

Anyone who’s ever been on an airplane knows that it gets so, so dry. Make sure you’ve got a good hand cream like this all natural vanilla mint one from Eminence is my favourite! 

9. Headphones

Whether you’re plugging into the airline entertainment system or using your own tablet, phone, or MP3 player, headphones when you’re travelling are a must. Even if you don’t listen to a single thing with them, you should always have them on hand just in case you need to pretend you can’t hear the person next to you who won’t stop talking. I’m kidding. Sort of. 

10. Lip Colour

Even if you gross at the end of your flight, a little colour can somehow make you feel pulled together again. It’s a good thing to keep on hand, just in case you’re feeling a little “blah.” If you’re in search of a natural lip colour, Lush has great options here. 

11. Facial Hydration Spray

A good hydration spray refreshes your makeup and makes you feel refreshed in less than 3 seconds. Just mist over your whole face and neck for a fresh glow! I use this hydration spray from mineral makeup company Jane Iredale, and I love it!

12. Breath Mints

I’m sure this one doesn’t require much of an expiation, but you should always travel with breath mints of gum. No exceptions. You can get all natural organic VerMints here. 

13. Passport

Not only is your passport a must while travelling, but so is a great passport wallet to keep your boarding pass, passport and any other important cards you need, all together. I have a little pocket on the outside of my carry on bag that holds my passport wallet perfectly. You can pick a great handmade leather passport wallet like this one from Canadian company, Popov Leather, here. 


These are things you’ll always find in my carry on bag. What’s in yours?