Our Favourite Christmas Traditions

December 5, 2015


Over the past few years, Clark and I have been establishing our own Christmas traditions as a family. We really wanted Christmas to reflect who were as a couple; a day full of joy, love, comfort and absolutely no-stress. Our traditions are simple, but here’s a few things we do to make the day reflect us!

Christmas morning traditions

Christmas Eve Gifts

As a kid my family didn’t open any gifts on Christmas Eve, and Clark received the classic PJ’s as a kid. Since we’re not really pyjama people, we decided that on Christmas Eve we would get each other a “comfy outfit” we could wear as we lounged together the next day. It’s become one of my favourite things on Christmas morning to roll out of bed and throw on my comfy outfit for the day. It’s no secret that right now I’m loving these crew neck sweaters by Province of Canada! They just introduced a few new designs and I currently have my eyes on this oneThey’ve also got these awesome wool socks, which instantly bring the coziness! You can’t go wrong with them! You find the sweater from this pic here, and the socks here

Comfy Christmas Mornings with Province of Canada

Stockings in Bed

It’s really important to us to take time to just be together on Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve, we stuff our stockings and put them at the foot of the bed so when the morning comes, we can reach down and grab our stockings and open them in bed together. Stockings are my favourite part of the day.

Part of our stocking is a thoughtful card we select and take time to write it for one another. We consider our stockings a major part of our gift giving and spend time and money on making them awesome. I love see the little things Clark picks out for me, and I love finding little things for him! It’s become a great connecting point for us!

Canada Hockey Card

This is the card I’m putting in his stocking this year (Clark, if you see, act surprised). You can find it here if you want to grab one for your favourite somebody!

Christmas Traditions

Warm Breakfast

After we’ve finished unpacking our stockings we head to the kitchen and take our time making coffee, tea, and a warm breakfast we can sit down and enjoy together. We’ll either make homemade waffles, or an oatmeal bake, but it allows us to relax and enjoy each other before we even touch the gifts beneath the tree. 

More than the turkey dinner or the presents under the tree, I’ve come to appreciate the quiet moments we share together before the day really begins. 

Wool Socks

I absolutely cherish the stress-free moments when we’re not rushing to be somewhere or get something done. Christmas for us is about being together without a schedule or an agenda and I love it!

What are some of your traditions that help to bring joy and rest to you and your fam?