December 8, 2015


If you stop and think about it for too long, the world seems pretty dark. Thousands of people are battling cancer and other life-altering diseases. Innocent people are grieving loses from sickness, war and terrorism. It seems like more and more people are living through the pain of broken relationships, rejection and abandonment. While we may be fully immersed in the “the most wonderful time of the year,” we are constantly reminded that the holidays are really difficult for some people. It doesn’t matter how jolly St. Nick is, or how loud you blast Deck the Halls, the world just feels really, really broken. Maybe because it is. 

There is Hope - Free Tech Download |

But here’s what I love about Christmas: There is hope. 

Christmas isn’t just about the gifts, the lights and families coming together. It’s far more than sleigh bells and happy elves. Christmas it about hope. Hope is not just wishful thinking or a fleeting thought that maybe, just maybe, things will change; It’s a confidence in something immovable, unshakable, and unchanging. It’s the unwavering belief that because God recognized that the world was broken, He sent His boy into the world so that we could hold onto the hope that this little baby, Jesus, would change the course of history and offer us a solution from the brokenness and pain.

There is Hope - Free Tech Download |

Even when everything else in my life feels unstable and out of control, I know that hope is the anchor of my soul. It’s my hope in who Jesus is and what I know He came to this earth to do that keep me grounded. 

I choose to believe that the world can change; that sickness can be healed and terrorism can be no more. But even if things don’t change;  if innocent people continue to die and sickness continues to destroy my body, I will not be shaken. I will continue to place my hope in a God who has proven himself trustworthy again, and again. 

There is Hope - Free Download |

There is hope, and I choose to anchor myself to that hope, so that when the storms come my way, I will not be moved. It’s in this hope that I find joy, peace, and real life. It’s through this hope that I understand love. It’s this hope that gives me the strength to keep going. 

Whatever your story is this year; Wherever you find yourself; There is hope and His name is Jesus. 

You can download this free THERE IS HOPE graphic right here:


Our Favourite Christmas Traditions

December 5, 2015


Over the past few years, Clark and I have been establishing our own Christmas traditions as a family. We really wanted Christmas to reflect who were as a couple; a day full of joy, love, comfort and absolutely no-stress. Our traditions are simple, but here’s a few things we do to make the day reflect us!

Christmas morning traditions

Christmas Eve Gifts

As a kid my family didn’t open any gifts on Christmas Eve, and Clark received the classic PJ’s as a kid. Since we’re not really pyjama people, we decided that on Christmas Eve we would get each other a “comfy outfit” we could wear as we lounged together the next day. It’s become one of my favourite things on Christmas morning to roll out of bed and throw on my comfy outfit for the day. It’s no secret that right now I’m loving these crew neck sweaters by Province of Canada! They just introduced a few new designs and I currently have my eyes on this oneThey’ve also got these awesome wool socks, which instantly bring the coziness! You can’t go wrong with them! You find the sweater from this pic here, and the socks here

Comfy Christmas Mornings with Province of Canada

Stockings in Bed

It’s really important to us to take time to just be together on Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve, we stuff our stockings and put them at the foot of the bed so when the morning comes, we can reach down and grab our stockings and open them in bed together. Stockings are my favourite part of the day.

Part of our stocking is a thoughtful card we select and take time to write it for one another. We consider our stockings a major part of our gift giving and spend time and money on making them awesome. I love see the little things Clark picks out for me, and I love finding little things for him! It’s become a great connecting point for us!

Canada Hockey Card

This is the card I’m putting in his stocking this year (Clark, if you see, act surprised). You can find it here if you want to grab one for your favourite somebody!

Christmas Traditions

Warm Breakfast

After we’ve finished unpacking our stockings we head to the kitchen and take our time making coffee, tea, and a warm breakfast we can sit down and enjoy together. We’ll either make homemade waffles, or an oatmeal bake, but it allows us to relax and enjoy each other before we even touch the gifts beneath the tree. 

More than the turkey dinner or the presents under the tree, I’ve come to appreciate the quiet moments we share together before the day really begins. 

Wool Socks

I absolutely cherish the stress-free moments when we’re not rushing to be somewhere or get something done. Christmas for us is about being together without a schedule or an agenda and I love it!

What are some of your traditions that help to bring joy and rest to you and your fam?


December 2, 2015


Every year we have kids to buy for, and we’re always trying to find cute, unique gifts for the little nuggets in our lives! When their parents are cool, there is so much more pressure to find the best gifts for their kids. Here’s a few of my favourite Canadian gifts for kids with cool parents:

Gifts for Kids With Cool Parents

Sock Bear by Amber Vroom {Georgetown, Ontario}

You need to check out The Sculpted Sock Shop by Amber Vroom. Every single one of her sock animals is packed with personality. Every single time I see one of her creations show up on my instagram feed, it brings an instant smile to my face. You can find this bear, and all of Amber’s other adorable sock animals, here

Sock Bear

Geo Heart Sweater by Modern Fort {Vancouver, British Columbia}

If you’re someone who likes to support a great cause, you must check out the Modern Fort. Each month, Modern Fort runs a campaign and features an organization, or project, that has been making a difference in the community. Products purchased during the campaign will help raise funds and awareness towards the featured cause for the month. You can buy this sweater here, but make sure to check out the other items in the shop! 

Processed with VSCOcam with n1 preset

Wild Teepee {Vancouver, BC}

I would have loved one of these teepees as a kid! How fun to have your own personal “fort” to hang out in! These modern children’s teepee’s add a fun element to any room and can be customized to suit your needs and decor! You can find these teepees right here

wild teepees

Baby Care Essentials by Carriage 44 {Victoria, BC}

This gift set of baby care essentials includes chamomile infused olive oil baby soap, pure, unrefined baby shea butter with calendula infused sweet almond oil and unscented baby salve to sooth owies, irritated skin and diaper rash. If you know a family who prefers the best care products, these made by hand products, scented with essential oils may be the perfect gift! You can find them here.

Carriage 44

Black Leather Desert Boots by Ullaviggo {Winnipeg, Manitoba}

I adore these little baby boots! Honestly, I could buy them in every colour! Ullaviggo also has ridiculously hip sandals if you ‘re looking for a gift for an ultra-cool toddler. I love them! You can buy these adorable little shoes here.

Leather boots

Mini Em Hat {Toronto, Ontario}

A cute hat with a removable pompom? I don’t think I need to say much more than that. I love this bear print and this fuzzy pompom! You can buy this hat here

MiniEm Hat

Lovie Swaddle Blanket {Edmonton, Alberta}

These swaddle blankets make the most perfect gift! They come in gorgeous colours and have a serious cool factor. I love neutral colours, but the pink tones have me wishing I had a baby girl to buy for! You can’t go wrong with these! You can find this swaddle blanket here

Lovie Swaddle

Plaid Herschel Backpack {British Columbia}

Is there anything cuter than a toddler carrying a little Herschel backpack? These backpacks are practical and adorable. If plaid isn’t your vibe, there are tons of other colour options! You can find this bag here

Herschel Backpack

Children’s Books by Nicholas Oldland 

If you love to give the gift of reading, these cute animal-themed books, by Canadian author, Nicholas Oldland, are a great option! You can find them here and here

up the creek bookwalk on the wild side book

Hope this helps you impress the kids, and parents, in your life this Christmas! Only 23 days to go!

GIFTS TO KEEP COZY – A Holiday Gift Guide For That Person Who’s Always Cold

December 1, 2015


The three things I hate more than anything: the smell of hockey, the devil, and being cold. Being cold makes me instantly grouchy, so if I’m going to get through the cold of winter with at least a half smile on my face, I need to keep warm! Today I’m sharing some of my personal favourites, a few suggestions for gifts to keep cozy this winter!

Gifts for Keeping Cozy

Province of Canada Lightweight Crewneck Sweater {Ontario}

Here I go again, expressing my love for one of my new favourite Canadian lifestyle brands, Province of Canada. This is my new go-to sweatshirt. I love how it fits; I love how it feels; and I love how I can express my love for Canada while still looking cool. Win. Win. Win. I’m pretty small, but the XS fits me perfectly. You can get this sweater here

Province of Canada Black Sweater

Black XOXO Mug by G Ceramic Co {Vancouver, BC}

I wish I could walk around all day long with my hands wrapped around a mug of hot tea. This mug is perfect. I love the colour, the gold detail and the lovely little XOXO message. Such a sweet gift for anyone who deserves your hugs and kisses. And just to make you seem like you really went above and beyond, ya, those letters are real 18K gold. You can find this mug here. 

GCeramicco mug

Noul Scarf {Vancouver, British Columbia}

A scarf is a great, safe gift for Christmas. You can’t mess up the size and every woman (who does not suffer hot flashes from pregnancy or menopause) wears one. I love this thick black and white scarf. It can pair with almost anything and will keep her cozy all winter! You can find this scarf here.

Noul Scarf 

Slouchy Hat by West Company {Grande Prairie, Alberta}

My college roommate and one of my most cherished friends, Heather, is the maker behind these warm slouchy toques. She is one of the most beautiful people I know and makes the most lovely knit items! You can find this hat here

West Company Slouchy Hat

Sorel Out N About Leather Boot {Kitchener, Ontario}

Warm shoes are a must for me if I’m going to spend any time outside! What better to keep my toes warm than the classic Canadian brand, Sorel. The company was founded in Kitchener, Ontario in 1962 and has since become one leading winter boot companies around the world. They are functionally warm and water proof, but you don’t have to sacrifice style to keep your toes dry and warm! You can find these ones here.

Sorel Boots

Manitobah Mocassins {Winnipeg Manitoba}

Is there anything more cozy on your feet in the winter than a pair of fleece-lined moccasins? Maybe this is the grandma in me coming out, but I love a good pair of slippers!  You can find them here

Manitobah Moccasins

Woodlot Candle {Vancouver, British Columbia}

Clearly I’m a woodlot fan! I’ve already talked about them a couple times this holiday season! (Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys here and Gifts for the Spa Lover here) These candles are a worthwhile investment as they burn for 60 hours! You can find them here


Wool Striped Socks – Province of Canada {Ontario}

Nothing says warmth and comfort in the winter like a pair of wool socks. They are perfect for weekend lounging around the house, or tucked inside your Sorel boots. You can find these ones here

Wool Socks

Hudson Bay Caribou Throw Blanket 

This blanket sits folded on the edge of the couch in our living room. Nothing says “I’m Canadian” like a 100% wool Hudson Bay blanket! This isn’t just another throw, it’s a keepsake. We inherited a vintage classic Hudson Bay point blanket from Clark’s grandparents, a gift they received for their wedding more than 60 years ago! These blankets will last for years! You can find this white one here

Hudson Bay Caribou throw

These are my best of Canada picks of gifts to keep cozy this winter! Let me know if I’m missing something I need!



November 29, 2015


 giftsforgoldlovers - 2015

It’s shiny. It’s pretty. It’s gold. I have little hints of metallic everywhere in my life! In my home and in my accessories, I love touches of gold and brass! 

It’s 26 days until Christmas and I’m sharing my favourite Canadian gifts for gold lovers! If there’s a girl in your life who likes things shiny, sparkly and pretty, this ones for her!

  1. Hand Painted Ring Dish by Marian & Hazel by Amanda Parker {Calgary, Alberta}

I am in love with this ring dish! It sits on my vanity topped with the jewellery I wear most often and I love it! Every piece is hand painted  with beautiful strokes and dots of pink and gold. They are beautiful and perfect for that girl in your life who likes something different than what everyone else has. This would be a great gift to pair with a special jewellery purchase, the perfect gift for someone who is engaged, or for anyone who just likes pretty things! You can buy it here

Gifts for Gold Lovers - Ring Dish

2. Druzy Necklace by Alexandra Kathlyn Accessories (AKA) {Saskatchewan}

The sparkle and shine of these druzy necklaces are unmatched. I have the white one, and I wear it all the time! I love the raw look of the glitter paired with the shine of the gold. This is a gift any sparkle lover will love! You can buy this necklace here, but make sure you check out the rest of the pieces on the site, I also love the gold-dipped earrings!

Gifts for Gold Lovers - Druzy Necklace

3. Be Still Print by Written Word Design {Vancouver, British Columbia}

Written Word Design’s prints may  be some of most favourite ever. I not only love the aesthetic of them, but the words and scriptures she uses are some of my most cherished verses. This “Be Still and Know That I Am God” print is proudly displayed in our home and serves as a great reminder to stop and remember that HE is in control. You can buy this print here.

Be Still Print 

4.  Geometric 18K Hand Painted Gold Porcelain Mug by G Ceramic & Co {White Rock, British Columbia}

I received my first G Ceramic & Co piece earlier this year as a gift and it was love at first sight! The pieces in this collection are all amazing and then to find out that they are painted with 18K gold! Beautiful! This mug is special piece that any true lover of gold will certainly appreciate! You can buy it here

Gifts for Gold Lover - GCeramicandCo Goil Mug

5. Rose Gold Watch by Berg & Betts {Edmonton, Alberta}

The thing I love most about Berg & Betts watches is that they use new scrap leather for their bands, that would otherwise go to waste. Plus, they aren’t too expensive! This is a great gift if you want to get something they keep for years to come. You can buy this watch here.

Berg and Betts Rose Gold Watch 

6. Personalized Initial Necklace by Jewellery By Sivado {Richmond Hill, Ontario}

Anyone who knows me knows that almost every day I wear my gold initial necklace with a K & C on them (obviously for Kim and Clark). Clark bought it for me a couple years ago for my birthday and I still love absolutely love it! I’ve been asked many, many times where to them! You can personalize your own necklace right here

Gifts for Gold Lovers - Initial Necklace

7. Rose Gold Clutch by Heather Hird Design {Toronto, Ontario}

Carry this metallic clutch to dress up a basic outfit, or pair it with your favourite formal outfit! If you love gold, this leather rose golf clutch is great addition to your collection! You can find it here.

Rose Gold Clutch 

8. Herkimer Diamond Quartz Stone Studs by Foe & Dear {Vancouver, British Columbia}

I am obsessed with these earrings! They might be my favourite piece of jewellery I’ve seen in a long time! They are made from natural, sparkling herkimer diamond quartz stones and are set in 14k yellow gold filled pointed claws. I love them! You can find them for under $100 right here!

Foe and Dear Earrings

9. Glitter Agate Marble Macbook Decal by Lauren by Design {Vancouver, British Columbia}

If you know someone who likes to add their own personal touch to everything, Lauren by Design’s macbook decals are perfect. I love this Glitter Agate one (you can buy it here), but she’s also got lots of other great options to suit your taste!

Glitter Agate Macbook Decal

Here’s what I recommend: If you see something you like, subtly post or send this link with the simple comment “I love number 8!” and see what happens! πŸ˜‰

Gifts for the Spa Lover

November 22, 2015


It’s only 33 days until Christmas, so if you haven’t started shopping yet, you need to get on it! I’m continuing my “Best of Canada” Gift-Guide series today with Gifts for the Spa Lover! Over the last year I’ve been learning the importance of taking time to relax and care for myself, and all of these products point towards that! They are, of course, all Canadian businesses and emphasize luxury and relaxation! So, go ahead, skip the mall and order a couple gifts for the spa-lover in your life!

Gifts for the Spa Lover |

  1. LINEN ROBE  by Lost In Linen {Toronto, Ontario}

I am currently obsessed with linen. Like, obsessed. I just get enough of it! You really can’t go wrong with this robe. It’s pure linen and will last for years without going out of style. If you’re looking for an extra special gift for someone who appreciate the little luxuries in life, look no further. My favourite source high quality linen is Lost in Linen. My wish list of things from their shop is a mile long! Like I said, obsessed with linen right now. You can find this gorgeous robe in dove grey here

Linen Robe - Gifts for the Spa Lover

2. AMOUR MINERAL BATH SALT by Woodlot {Vancouver, BC}

Woodlot is popping up EVERYWHERE! At least here on the West Coast, they’re quickly becoming the name that people trust for high quality products. We mentioned them in our “Gifts For Cooler-Than-Average Guys” post (read it here), and we just couldn’t leave them out of this gift guide! This Amour Mineral Bath Soak will leave your skin feeling amazing and there’s something about a great bath salt that instantly makes me feel more relaxed. Anyone who appreciates a relaxing bath from time to time will absolutely love this soak! You can find it here

Woodlot Amour Mineral Bath Soak - Gifts for the Spa Lover


Okay, just one more product from Woodlot, because well, it’s amazing. I’m obsessed with this mist. I’ve been misting this on my pillows and it leaves this light, soothing scent I adore. The combination of Lavender Floral Water, Witch Hazel, and Bergamot Essential Oil is so, so soothing. You can find it here

Woodlot Lavendar Bergamot Refreshing Mist - Gifts for the Spa Lover

4. Knitted Pedicure Socks by 12 Little Things {Vancouver, BC}

I first discovered these socks when I was looking for something to keep my feet warm while I was doing yoga, after quickly discovering that yoga doesn’t work well in socks. While these socks are great for yoga, they are also a must-have for winter pedicures! There’s nothing worse than having to leave the spa in sandals in the winter without socks on! These pedicure socks will keep your feet as warm as they can be until your pedicure is good and dry! You can find these socks here, or if you’re a knitter, you can get an instant download of the pattern here and make them yourself you an extra special personal touch!

12 Little Things Yoga Socks - Gifts for the Spa Lover

5. TURKISH COTTON TOWELS by Sunday Dry Goods {Vancouver, BC}

I love turkish towels! They’ve found a home in our bathrooms, and they look so fresh and luxurious in any space!  Sunday Dry Goods has a great assortment of colours and are a must-have for anyone who appreciates the little luxuries in life! These towels come rolled up in great packaging and are also a great addition to any gift basket if you’ve already purchased their favourite candle or bath soak! You can find these gorgeous towels here

Sunday Dry Goods Everyday Grey - Gifts for the Spa Lover

6. BITE LIP MASK by Bite Beauty {Toronto, ON}

I was so excited to discover Bite Beauty products! After developing a sensitivity to non-natural ingredients, founder Susanne Langmuir set out to create a lip product that was good enough to eat. Bite lip masks are made in small batches in Toronto, ON with food-grade ingredients. This maple agave lip mask is made with agave, vanilla and Canadian maple syrup. For the person who loves all natural ingredients, but wants their lips to look and feel great! You can get them at Sephora in Canada, or order them online here

Bite Lip Mask - Gifts for Spa Lovers

7. REFINE FACE MASK by Kunye {Vancoucver, BC}

Kunye is a plant-based skin care line that uses natural ingredients that are plant-based, cold pressed, mineral, and botanical. This face mask uses marshmallow root to remove unwanted dirt and impurities while a trio of clays drinks up excess oil while delivering a dose of minerals. You had me at marshmallow! These products are all made in small batches and are quickly climbing in popularity with natural skin care lovers! You buy this face mask here.

Refine Face Mask by Kunye 




The “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-cheese” Vegan Cheeseball

November 18, 2015


Vegan Cheeseball with rosemary, cranberry and walnuts |

37 days until Christmas! I promised some great holiday recipes, and this vegan cheeseball will not disappoint! It’s the perfect holiday appetizer or party food! I’ve served this cheeseball at two parties in the last couple weeks and I’ve never had people rave so much about a food item I’ve made! People are shocked that this isn’t actually cheese, and when I tell them it’s made from cashews, they are blown away! 

The " I can't believe it's not cheese" Vegan Cheeseball with rosemary, cranberry and walnuts |

The base of this cheeseball is cashews. The key to getting a smooth cream-cheese like consistency is soaking them in water. I keep a tupperware container in my fridge with a couple inches of water and a cup or two of cashews so I have them ready when I need them. Once your cashews are good and soaked place them in the blender with the lemon juice, coconut oil and salt. Once you’ve blended them up smooth, transfer to a bowl and fold in rosemary, chopped cranberries and chopped walnuts. 

Once the mixture is finished you need to get it wrapped in plastic wrap and chilled in the fridge. You can also chill it in the freezer for a faster set time, but don’t forget about it. I’m speaking from experience, frozen vegan cheese is like a hockey puck. 

Holiday Appetizer - Vegan Cheeseball with rosemary, cranberry and walnuts |

Once it’s hardened enough to hold it’s shape, roll it in walnuts and serve! You can keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve! It keeps just fine!

Just in case you’re wondering what kind of crackers I serve with the cheeseball, I serve SuperSlim Black Sesame Brown Rice Crisps. For the record, I’m not compensated on sponsored by this brand in anyway, I just want to share with you the great products I discover! I’ve purchased them at several grocery stores in the cracker aisle, so they should be fairly easy to find. 

Gluten-free Brown Rice Crisps to accompany a Vegan Cheeseball

I’d love to hear how this goes over at your next party or family gathering! I bet your friends and family will be shocked it’s dairy-free!

Vegan Cheese Ball
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  1. 1 cup of raw unsalted cashews (soaked for at least 3 hours)
  2. 2 Tbsp coconut oil
  3. 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  4. 1/2 tsp fine grain sea salt
  5. 1 Tbsp chopped rosemary
  6. 1/4 cup dried canberries
  7. 1/4 cup + 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
  1. Soak raw unsalted cashews in 2 cups of water for at least 3 hours.
  2. Once cashews have soaked, drain.
  3. Add cashews, coconut oil, lemon juice and sea salt to a high-speed blender and blend until smooth.
  4. Remove from blender and transfer into a small bowl.
  5. Fold in finely chopped rosemary, chopped cranberries and 1/4 cup of chopped walnuts.
  6. Place a large square of plastic wrap on a flat circle and scoop the mixture into the centre of the plastic wrap.
  7. Gather the corners of the plastic wrap together and twist the ends together - shape the mixture into a ball.
  8. Cool for at least 1 hour or until hardened.
  9. Remove from plastic wrap and roll in 1/2 cup of chopped walnuts.
  10. Serve with rice crackers.
In Everything


November 17, 2015


There are 38 days until Christmas, so it’s time to deck the halls! The classic green and red decor isn’t really my thing at Christmas, I tend to go for whites and metallics with touches of black. I know, I know, not super festive sounding, but it works for us! 

FA LA LA Free Download for your iphone lockscreen |

I thought I’d duplicate our decor theme for the first holiday tech download! If you want to get festive, but you don’t want it to look like Santa’s workshop threw up all over your tech screen, this one’s for you. 

FA LA LA Free Download for your desktop |

So, go ahead, get into the festive spirit with this fa la la free download, I promise you’ll catch yourself humming the song to yourself all day. Ain’t nobody calling you Scrooge!


FA LA LA Free Download for your ipad lockscreen |

You can download this free Fa La La graphic right here:


Gifts for the Savvy Traveller – Gift Guide – Featuring Wilhelm & Friends + GIVEAWAY

November 16, 2015


It’s 39 days until Christmas! Yesterday we kicked off our 40 days until Christmas countdown with a “Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys” (you can find it here) and today we’re got another Gift Guide! We’re featuring local Vancouver business, Wilhelm & Friends (you might recognize them from yesterday’s post – they’re stuff is so great, we just had to mention them again!) and offering an awesome giveaway featuring their gorgeous leather journal cover! (Retail value: $65) Giveaway instructions are at the bottom of the post! Good luck!

This gift guide comes to you with help from Clark. Clark travels pretty regularly, so he’s bringing his expertise to the table! If you’re looking for a gift for the savvy traveller in your life, he’s got you covered! This guide has a little bit of a masculine flair to it, but most of the items are unisex. Here’s Clark (isn’t he dreamy?):

Gifts for the Savvy Traveller |

Hi. Clark here. Travelling is something that Kim and I both enjoy. It’s part of what we do for work as well as to relax and spend time together. Whether it’s road trip through The Rockies, a day trip to Whistler or a flight to the East Coast, we’re often on the go. 

This gift guide features some of my favourite travel related items, all great gifts for the jet-setter in your life.  

Gifts for the Savvy Traveller |

  1. Wilhelm & Friends Hybrid Duffel {British Columbia}

I have to admit, I really enjoy a nice bag. The most important item for travel for me is a great carry-on bag. This hybrid duffel from Wilhelm & Friends is perfect and it surprisingly fits a lot of stuff. It was featured yesterday in the Gifts For Cooler-Than-Average Guys post, and I second everything Kim said about it’s quality. The materials used are high quality and it’s put together so well.  


The bag can be transformed for larger loads, by releasing the side hooks to expand and provide more storage. It includes a shoulder strap and features a spacious lined main compartment, with a really handy removable zipper pouch. A snap on key holder strap is attached to the side of the bag. The zippers feature leather pulls and the bottom includes five bag feet. All seams of the bag are reinforced and double sewn with bonded Nylon. This duffel bag is amazing and will last you for years! You can buy it here (it may say “out of stock” but if you’re looking to purchase this bag, message the shop owners and they’ll hand make a bag just for you!) Also, if you like them Wilhelm & Friends on one of their social media platforms and send them a message letting them know you did, they’ll send you 15% off your order!!!


2. Zenok Leather Luggage Tag {British Columbia}

Anyone who travels regularly can’t be bothered to fill out those disposable paper luggage tags every time they fly. A good luggage tag that won’t rip off is essential and this leather tag is stylish and durable. You can’t go wrong with this one. Buy it here

Zenok Leather Luggage Tag | Gifts for the Savvy Traveller

3. Province of Canada Sweater {Ontario}

A great sweater is not just about making sure you can keep warm if you get cold, it’s also not a bad idea to let people know you’re Canadian when you’re travelling. Everyone loves us, right?Plus, you can confuse foreigners who may actually believe that Canada is a province. You can find it here

Province of Canada Crew Neck Sweater

4. Herschel Suitcase {British Columbia}

Did you know Herschel was a Canadian company? Me either! The company was founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack and Herschel Supply Co. adopted the name of the town (Herschel, Saskatchewan) where three generations of their family grew up after coming to Canada. 

Sometimes I’m on the road for a week or more, plus I’m known for overpacking, so I often need to check baggage. A good quality, stylish suitcase that will last, but you won’t be devastated if it get a little wrecked, is important. You can find this Herschel suitcase here

Grey Herschel Suitcase |

5. Sakao Co Leather Cord Organizer {Quebec}

When you’re travelling with chargers and earphones it helps to keep them organized. There’s nothing worse than being hunched over under your tray table trying to root through your bag to find your tangled cords. Buy them here.  

Sakao Co Leather Cord Organizer

6. Wilhelm & Friends Leather Journal Cover {British Columbia}

Lastly, it’s the giveaway item! It’s always nice to have a small journal when I’m travelling to write down thoughts and ideas. You can purchase this journal cover here. I’ll pass things back to Kim now to explain the giveaway details! 

Wilhelm and Friends Journal Cover |

Thanks Clark! πŸ™‚ As he mentioned, you can purchase this journal cover here or you could win this gift for someone who you think should have it by doing the following:

  1. Follow @wilhelm_and_friends on Instagram
  2. Tag the person who you think should win this item in the Wilhelm & Friends Journal photo on @kimberleemoran‘s Instagram (posted November 16th 2015) – You may only tag one person per comment, but you can comment as many times as you want!

We believe it’s better to give than to receive, so, as always with our contents, you’re not winning this item for yourself. The person you tag will win the item from YOU! Good luck!

Giveaway contest closes Thursday, November 19th at midnight PST. 



Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys – Gift Guide

November 15, 2015


Let the countdown begin! Only 40 days until Christmas! Clark and I love the holidays! The excitement, the anticipation, the food, the smells, the sounds! They don’t call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing! This year I’m counting down to Christmas in the most exciting way! I’ve been working really, really hard to put together the best gift guides featuring Canadian businesses, holiday-themed vegan recipes, festive tech downloads, holiday decor ideas, tips to host the best holiday dinner parties and amazing giveaways! Friends, the next 40 days are going to be packed with some of the best new content I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to share it with you.  


Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys: The Best of Canada |

I’m kicking it off with a gift guide: “Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys.” You should know, Clark was pretty flattered to know he was the inspiration for this post. After telling him the title I had decided to go with, he probably asked me 3 or 4 times, “You really think I’m cooler than average?” Babe, you’re the coolest guy I know. πŸ˜‰

Many of these gift ideas are things I put on the list for him as I searched for the best gifts for him this Christmas, and the best part is that they are ALL from Canadian businesses; most of them small shop businesses! I love supporting local, and I love helping to empower people to live out their dreams! I’m always looking for new, great companies. Let me know in the comments if there’s a Canadian company I need to check out!

Now for the gift guide! Here’s what I’ve included:

  1. Illbury & Goose Keychain {Ontario}

Illbury & Goose is a Canadian lifestyle brand based out of London, Ontario. They’ve got a number of items featuring their signature anchor and maple leaf logo, but what I like about these keychains are their size, simplicity and of course, the fact that they’re leather. This is a great gift for someone you don’t want to spend a ton of money on, or a perfect stocking stuffer! You can order one online here

Illbury & Goose Classic Anchor Leather Key Chain

2. My Pakage Black Boxer Shorts {British Columbia}

After hearing the way Clark talked about these boxers after trying them on for the first time, I knew I needed to add them to the list. I never really understood the need for “luxury underwear”, but after hearing Clark’s convincing testimonial, I decided to support him in his latest obsession: My Pakage underwear. In Clark’s words: “Not only are these underwear comfortable and long-lasting, but even at the end of the day they still keep their shape. The bands don’t lose their elasticity and once you’re discovered what the ‘pakage’ is all about, you’ll never go back.” Friends, he refuses to wear anything else. You can’t go wrong with these! Buy them here

Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys | My Package - Weekday Trunk |

3. Province of Canada Toque {Ontario}

This next business seriously has the cool factor. They sum Canada up perfectly by recognizing that “Canada is about luxury and quality as much as it is casual and cozy. It’s about the beach and lake life as much as it is the city. It’s about classic as much as it is cool.” I couldn’t agree more, guys. Their lifestyle brand displays this well and their apparel is comfortable without sacrificing style! I could have easily included any of their pieces, but I’m a huge fan of this patched, ribbed toque. You can’t make it through a Canadian winter without a toque, so you may as well look good wearing one! You can buy it here

Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys | Province of Canada Patch Toque |

4. Sakao Co Leather Cord Organizer {Quebec}

This is another item you can’t go wrong with. Who doesn’t have USB cords or ear phones that are in a tangled mess somewhere? These awesome little cord organizers come in a set of two and are affordable enough to put in his stocking, or for that under $20 you need to get someone. These are great. Enough said. Buy them here.  

Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys | Sakao Co Leather Cord Organizer |

5. Wilhelm & Friends Hybrid Duffel {British Columbia}

This bag. Seriously, the moment I first laid eyes on this Wilhelm & Friends duffel I was in love. It’s not only beautiful, but the craftsmanship is second-to-none. It’s clearly handmade with care, and the materials used are of the highest quality. This is the bag to get for that person you really care about; Someone with great style who appreciates high-quality products.  If you’ve never checked out this shop, I highly recommend it. Most items are made to order, so if something on the site says “out of stock,” just send a message to the owners, they are super nice and will make the perfect item you’re for! You can shop this bag here

Gifts for Coller-Than-Average Guys | Wilhelm and Friends Hybrid Duffel |

6. Maple Live Edge Phone Stand {Ontario}

Cooler-than-average guys don’t lay their phones flat on the nightstand, they prop them up in a gorgeous live-edge stand and use a better-than-basic alarm clock app like RISE. It’s time to wake up in style. You can get this great Canadian wood piece here. 

Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys | Daff Design Maple Live Edge Phone Stand |

7. Woodlot Cascadia Package {British Columbia}

It seems like everywhere I go lately, people are talking about Woodlot. This local company continues to create the most amazing products that people can’t get enough of. When I asked my friend Peter, who has pretty spot-on style and great taste, if there were any Canadian products he would recommend for this post, without hesitation he suggested a Woodlot candle. When I asked Clark his thoughts, he echoed Peter, saying “any guy that says he doesn’t appreciate a great candle is lying.”

The Cascadia scent is perfect for the modern man with aromas of douglas fir, cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli. Each candle is handmade with care using clean-burning, petroleum-free coconut wax and all body products are made in small batches with carefully selected ingredients. Oh, and I should mention, the candles burn for 60 hours! You can pick up this set here.

Gifts for Cooler Than Average Guys | Woodlot Cascasia Package |

8. Born of the Anvil Leather Glasses Case {Manitoba}

You can’t be a cooler-than-average guy and toss your sunglasses or reading glasses in the bottom of your bag. A great case is a must. This leather case is the perfect home for your glasses, protecting them from scratches and let the world know that, well, you care. You can find it here

Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys | Born of the Anvil Leather Glasses Case |

9. Mud & Stone Tall Dented Black Mug {Manitoba}

Some of those big chain coffee companies have cool designs and everything, but nothing says style like a uniquely hand-crafted mug, like this one from Mud & Stone. Their mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and each mug is handmade, wheelthrown, glazed and fired, using only food safe glazes. This is a great gift for the coffee-drinking guy who doesn’t like to have the same thing as everyone else. You can find them here

Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys | Mud & Stone Tall Dented Mug |

10. Fellow Earthlings Custom Sunglasses {Prince Edward Island}

Did you know Canada had a custom sunglass company? I was so excited when I discovered Fellow Earthings! You get to choose your style, frame material and lens material in any combination you wish! The possibilities are endless. You need to check out their website to see what I’m talking about. Their glasses are so, so cool. You can see for yourself here

Gifts for Cooler-Than-Average Guys | Fellow Earthlings Custom Sunglasses |

So, was I right? The best Canadian gifts for cooler-than-average guys. Here’s what I recommend, share this post with the person you know is going to shopping for you this holiday season with the simple caption: “I like #6” or “Check out #10.” You just might be on your way to being cooler-than-average πŸ˜‰

And stay tuned, because we’re giving away a few items from some of these shops this week and you won’t want to miss it. Make sure you follow along on instagram to catch the latest giveaways! @kimberleemoran