March 2, 2015


In case you missed my #LiveFromTheInfusionRoom updates on social media today, here’s a recap of day 1 of my infusion treatment! (You can read more about the treatment here.)

Lemtrada Infusion Day 1 -

Today was the day I’ve been anticipating for months! At 6 am this morning Clark and I hopped in the car to travel into Vancouver for my first of five days of infusions. With my new “You Got This” t-shirt on, I felt excited and more than ready to face the week!! We arrived at the clinic by 7am and met my nurse, Madonna (for real!), and the other two guys who were also receiving their Lemtrada infusions today.It was nice to finally see everything for myself, and visualize what the rest of the week might look like.

After getting comfy in the chair, the nurse went digging for the perfect vein! Unfortunately after quite a bit of pain in the left arm, she finally had success in the right and I was ready to go! I had to take a few drugs to counteract the most common side affects, as well as steroids (look out world!) and antiviral meds. The pre-meds took about 2 hours, and then the Lemtrada began to drip slowly for the next 4 hours.

Lemtrada Infusion Day 1 -

I had a very minor headache, which is apparently quite common, but aside from that absolutely no other side affects so far! They’ve been checking my blood pressure and temperature every half hour, and so far, so good! Although, I did have to apologize to my nurse because apparently  I’m not giving her enough to do and she’s bored. Sorry Madonna! I also received the award for being the first once to finish my infusions, allowing me to be the first to head home for the day! Now I know how my students feel when I let them out of class early!

Overall, the wort part is the metal-like taste in my mouth, but that’s easily fixed by sucking on something with a stronger flavour! Can’t complain! They left the line in my arm so tomorrow they won’t need to fish for a vein again! Hallelujah! 

I am loving the comments from everyone. It’s amazing the difference I feel knowing I’m not alone in this! Thanks for following along on this journey with me! Please, every time you see a post or think of me throughout your day, stop and say a little prayer, even if it’s just for 10 seconds. Prayer works!

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Karen Spicer

    Oh my gosh have been following your journey and from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the best. Praying this treatment will give you the results you are hoping for, you are very brave, love you, Jeff and Karen xxoo—oh dam give Clark a hug as well lol

  2. Pam Marchand

    I have been following your blog from the beginning and am very pleased to let you and Clark know that you are both in my prayers at this time. I pray that all goes well and am sure God is hearing all the prayers being said for the success of this treatment.

  3. Carol Casselman

    You Can Do This
    God Bless and thank you for sharing. Your a very awesome couple.
    Prayers and Hugs

  4. Tracey & Randy Hann

    Hi Kim & Clarke,

    Just wanted to drop a quick note to remind you that the Hann clann in Carter’s Cove, NL are praying for you both today and the days to follow. It was awesome connecting with you & hope to have more coffee and chats in the future & for the record “You have this girl” 🙂 Love & Prayers, Tracey, Randy, & Tia

  5. Kim Simpson

    I have been praying for you, and God, as He does best, will see you through. I have followed your story through your lovely motherinlaw’s FB page. Blessings to you!! Kim

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