March 3, 2015


I woke up bright and early this morning to begin day two of five of my Lemtrada infusion! (You can read more about the treatment here and read my day one recap here). The nurse left my IV line in my right arm last night so I had to wrap it up tight with plastic wrap and bags this morning to protect it from the water of the shower. Unfortunately it turns out the efforts were unnecessary, as the line had clotted and needed to be moved back over to the left arm anyway! After a few failed attempts into my skinny little veins the nurse finally struck gold on the outside of my left arm! Success!

Lemtrada - Day 2 -

Besides the terrible metal-like taste in my mouth and moderate fatigue (I slept most of the morning), I’ve been virtually side-effect free! Honestly, I feel great! Although that may be the steroids talking. My temperature and blood pressure were perfect all day! Such good news! Prayer works! 

Lemtrada - Day 2 -

I was warned that because of the delay with my IV, I likely wouldn’t be the first patient finished today. Challenge accepted!  I came back from behind and was discharged first at 3:20pm! Apparently because I’m responding so well to the drugs I can take them in faster than the others. I don’t mind at all! In case you’re wondering, I’m totally not competitive at all. Really!

Unfortunately today was my final day with my nurse, Madonna, and tomorrow I will get a new nurse. She’s been amazing and is constantly going out of her way to make sure I’m comfortable. Thanks for everything Madonna!

I’m so grateful I brought my own blanket and pillow as it makes napping a lot more comfortable, as well I bring tons of snacks so I have options to choose from all day long. I’m also grateful I have Clark to keep me company. I totally beat him in Phase 10 today, and his excuse is that I’m on “performance enhancing drugs.” I guess he has a point!

Lemtrada - Day 2 -

Thanks again for all your messages and prayers! I can’t believe the amount of support we have! Please continue to pray! I truly believe it’s working! 


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  1. Janice

    So appreciate the updates and the insight into how your day goes and plays out.
    Makes the ‘Geography’ a little easier on this mom.

  2. Terry Ward

    Kim & Clark ,you are in our prayers. Praying for wisdom for the medical staff, healing and the meds to work for Kim and strength for Clark. I know God is up to something BIG in your lives and the enemy desires to stop what God is doing . I pray that you will feel as if you are seated on the lap of Jesus and that you will feel His Love and of His Hugs . He’s holding you both ! Love & Blessings ! Terry.

    1. Kim Moran Post author

      Thanks so much Terry! We are feeling His presence in such tangible ways this week! Keep the prayers coming!

  3. Dave and Betty Downing

    So glad to hear that days one and two have gone well…..God does answer prayer – without Him, we would be in everlasting need….please know we are continuing to pray and looking forward to continued positive reports…

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