March 6, 2015


It feels a little surreal to be writing this, but I am officially finished my first round of Lemtrada infusion treatment for MS! 

I have to admit, I was feeling a little weary this morning. It was more than just a physical fatigue, I was just tired. I felt weak, my eyes were swollen, my vision was blurry and my skin started to break out in a rash on my arms, face and chest. I just kept reminding myself, “only one more day.”

Lemtrada - Day 5 |

God must have known that I needed a little victory today because my IV was still usable!  Yay! They also decided not to give me a Gravol and Benadryl drip today because of my low heart rate yesterday (low 40’s), but my heart rate and blood pressure  were still a little lower than normal again. Most likely a side effect of the Lemtrada. The nurse must have been concerned because she woke me up at one point to make sure I was still conscious! 

Lemtrada - Day 5 |

I also had a few visitors today, so that made the afternoon fly by, and before I knew it, the nurse was removing my IV for the last time! I was finished! I AM FINISHED! Well, at least until my next treatment in 12 months! 

Lemtrada - Day 5 |

This first round of five infusions are finished, but now the real work begins. As the nurse explained it to me, my white blood cell army has just been taken out and I now have nothing working on the front lines to fight off invaders. I am extremely susceptible to infections and sickness for the next few months until my cells have a chance to regenerate and my immune system begins to work normally. Basically I have to avoid sick people, be overly cautious about how my food is prepared, and wash and sanitize everything! Hopefully everything works as it should and I have a healthy body again soon!

Lemtrada - Day 5 |

 These last five days have been challenging, but so life-giving for me! The words of encouragement, support and prayers have really shown me what it means to have people in your corner, fighting alongside you. I am blown away at the way that people have rallied around Clark and I throughout this journey. Thank you. Please continue to pray when we come to mind, this battle isn’t over yet!

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